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As SAG Turns: Board Forces Strike Proponent Allen To Resign As Exec Director — And Chief Negotiator

Less than a day after its televised awards gala, the Screen Actors Guild board forced Doug Allen to resign as executive director of the group. Allen, who as chief negotiator favored a strike and was planning a vote despite objections, said SAG counsel informed him Monday of his ouster by a majority of the board. Allen’s statement via a widely distributed e-mail is here. Changes to SAG, outlined in this statement, include:

— David White, former SAG general counsel, will serve as interim executive director, and SAG senior advisor John T. McGuire was appointed chief negotiator. McGuire has been negotiating for SAG for nearly 40 years. In what appears to be an effort to scale back the drama, they are the only two authorized to communicate on SAG’s behalf; that includes staff and officers.

— The TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee was disbanded immediately and replaced with a “taskforce directed to complete these negotiations on behalf of the board of directors.” Digital Media Law has the new 10-member list, which includes “SAG President Alan Rosenberg, 1st VP Anne-Marie Johnson, and board member Clancy Brown; plus independent board member Morgan Fairchild, and Unite for Strength leader and board alternate Ned Vaughn.” Digital Media Law’s post also includes the text of the written assent the board used to oust Allen.