Vudu Lays Off (Another) 15 Percent

Movie rental set-top box maker Vudu has laid off 15 percent of its staff, we confirmed this afternoon. This brings the current Vudu employee headcount to roughly 50 people. Dave Zatz gave us a heads up, and we received the following statement from a Vudu spokesperson:

“The bulk of the reductions were in temporary workers brought on for Best Buy training. Overall, headcount was reduced by 15%.”

Vudu is resold at Best Buy stores.

To say Vudu has had a rough go of it lately is an understatement. In September, the company laid off 15 percent of its then 100-person staff. Then Vudu’s CEO left the company in November, then Vudu slashed the price of its box for the holidays to $99 plus $50 in movie credits, and earlier this month got rid of the movie credits requirement putting it on sale for just $99. The price has gone back up and the box is currently listed at $299 on the Vudu site.

On the plus side, Vudu recently released an iPhone app!

We’ve followed up with Vudu for further clarification and details, and will update as we learn more.