QuickBooks Online to Be Updated for Mac Users


We looked at QuickBooks 2009 for Mac last week, and also slated to be updated for 2009 is QuickBooks Online. Intuit (s intu) was showing off the latest version at their booth at Macworld Expo running in the Safari web browser (which was not previously possible). QuickBooks Online is an interesting alternative for Mac users because it is the only multi-user version of QuickBooks that will run directly on the Mac, even if it is in a web browser.


If you have 2-3 users and do not need to track inventory, then QuickBooks Online might be a great solution for your business. You get multi-user access at a lower cost than implementing a multi-user Windows installation. You can also provide online access to your accountant, but cannot export an accountant’s copy for editing in the desktop software like you can in QuickBooks for Windows.

iphone_quickbooksonline_homepageThere is an iPhone optimized web page available as well that gives you read-only access to a number of key pieces of information like “Who Owes Me,” “Who I Owe,” and Bank Account balances. You can also create new invoices on the upcoming iPhone web app.

Intuit is looking into expanding the feature set of the iPhone web portal to include editing existing invoices, but the feature set for the next release has not been locked down yet. I, for one, would love to see the timeclock available on the iPhone so you could clock in or out on a job site. I would also like to see the ability to add a new line item to an existing invoice so if you run a business where services are delivered on-site, it would be simpler to upsell or cross-sell at the customer site and update the invoice right then and there.

Pricing for QuickBooks Online starts at $9.95 per month, but the Online Plus version with most of the goodies starts at $34.95 per month for up to 3 users (access for your accountant is included for free, as are timeclock-only users). Release of QuickBooks Online with Mac compatibility is slated for release in the next few months.

Which One is Right for Me?

This is a tough question for Mac users. If you are running a small business with a single user accessing QuickBooks, then the desktop version is probably the right choice. The 2009 update does not offer huge improvements in functionality, but the interface is much improved and streamlined, and you get Leopard compatibility. All the reports that you likely need are included, and the new Cover Flow report browser makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

If you need multiple users to access your QuickBooks file, then I would seriously consider the Online service as soon as the Mac-compatible update is released to the public. You cannot manage inventory, but QuickBooks Online is the only way to get multi-user support natively. The iPhone web app has limited functionality today, but is a nice addition that will only get better with time.



I was just wondering if there is a simple guide book for Quickbooks 2009 for Mac available anywhere? I want to set mine up but need a guide to take me through step by step.



Hey Lee,

Sorry to hear about your all of your troubles. I’ve passed on this note to some folks within the QuickBooks Online team to get your discount offer addressed.

Were you able to straighten out the accountant company ID situation? Let me know, that seems like a sticky one that we can definitely help figure out what happened.

We certainly hope your continue using QuickBooks Online to run your business, apologies for the early ups and and downs.

Product Manager, QuickBooks Online


In following my accountant’s recommendation to select Intuit to manage my business finances and then activating a QuickBooks Online Plus account, I had only ONE issue, to get a functional accounting system:
1. Live,
2. Secure, and
3. At the advertised pricing terms.

Intuit has missed on all three points. To recap some of what I have endured:
1. Live:
A. Merely reporting that I received a phishing email regarding my account resulting in Intuit locking me out of my account and directing me to cancel it entirely and start over from scratch.
B. After setting up a replacement account, the user accounts became so corrupted that I was again directed to close it and start from scratch for the third time. (See secure for detail.)
2. Secure: In starting over from scratch, a new QuickBooks Online Plus account was created where my user ID and my accountant’s user ID became identical within the same company ID despite each user having different passwords. The login credentials for my company became so intertwined with my accountant’s other business clients that I gained full access as a Company Administrator to all of his other QuickBooks Online Plus business clients. At the same time, my accountant’s access to his other QuickBooks Online Plus business clients was lost. This represents a major glitch in your security systems.
3. At the advertised pricing terms:
A. In emails from Intuit on September 8, 2009 and again on September 30, 2009, I was offered “20% off your subscription FOR LIFE on a Plus subscription.” This offer was later represented verbally as “for the life of the promotion” until I provided written documentation to the contrary. Intuit’s written pricing offer is now being neither reflected in my account terms, nor, being denied by Intuit staff.
B. Despite a promised “full 30 day trial period before your subscription begins billing” and a trial create date of 09/08/2009, I received an email receipt on 10/4/09 stating: “Starting on 10/04/2009, MasterCard ends with 4218 will be charged $34.95 per month.” That is to say charges would start 4 days early and reflect full retail pricing.
C. Despite a QuickBooks Online Basic trial create date of 09/08/2009 and an upgrade to Plus on 9/4/10, I was then incorrectly billed $9.95 on 10/8/09 and again on 11/11/09.

Two weeks after having submitted Quickbook’s written offer of “20% off your subscription FOR LIFE on a Plus subscription” to a manager, I am told the Marketing department may need another two weeks to provide an official response on whether of not they will honor their discounted pricing offer.


I’m concerned about security with QuickBooks Online. Has anybody had any problems relating to outside access?


I work at Intuit and am a frequent reader here. QuickBooks Online has been rolling out support for Safari (Mac) over the past couple weeks and should be live for all Mac users now. My understanding is you should be able to log in from your Mac, neither special setup nor contacting Intuit required.


Unfortunately it appears that Intuit is only supporting Firefox for Windows and Safari 3 for Mac. So if you have upgraded to Safari 4 you are out of luck without a roll back.

BTW how do you do a rollback to Safari 3?


Energytastics–Safari 4 support is being rolled out as we speak and should be available for all users shortly.

Until then, you can change the user agent in Safari 4. To do this, go to Safari>Preferences. Under Advanced, choose Show Develop menu in menu bar. In the Develop menu, go to User Agent>Safari 3.2.3 Mac.



I accidentally auto-updated to Safari 4 and have applied the User Agent fix below but only have access to some features & can’t print checks or view reports from the list of all reports. Any ideas or leads on how to really roll back to Safari 3?


It is not possible to roll back from Safari 4 to prior versions. I will contact an expert on the QuickBooks Online team to determine the best solution to your issue.

Ross Mason

So, are these threads suggesting that QuickBooks Online for the Mac (ie. Firefox on Mac, or Safari?) is available? Or, must you still run IE on Windows?

If so, do you just contact Intuit support to have them set us up?


It is now available, but you need to have one of the rep online sign you up and convert your desktop quickbooks file into a new company. The process takes about 30 minutes. There are 2 plans, “Plus” and “Basic.”


My bookkeeper is a PC user and I am PC POS user and a Mac laptop user (love my new Macbook Pro) – my bookkeeper just signed us up for Quickbooks online – primarily to interface with my bank – but at this time, I cannot access QB Online from my Mac laptop – but with the upcoming QB Online mac version – will I be able to access the same online account from my mac as my bookkeeper does from her PC?


When will this be ready? After moving to Mac, we’re dying with no access to our books on the road.


I use Quickbooks for Mac 2009 but don’t like it. The Windows version has more features. Will the online version for Mac have the same features of the Windows version?

Also, what is the point of paying for multiple users? Cannot people just share a username and password? Would I be able to access all the info from both my home and office computer? I think that would be a good advantage.


Holy mother of God. Tell me this is not a joke. I (soon will) never have to boot up VMware again? Or boot into my PC partition (bootcamp, or whatever the hell it’s called)? I can cancel my order for a PC now? It’s about friggin’ time.

Thank you Quickbooks.

Wait. AND they’re launching an iPhone version?!!!?

Ooops. I just went and pooped my pants.

Offsite meetings with my accountant will never be the same.

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