New LG Phone for Verizon Offers Snap-On Keyboard

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lgvx96004Sometimes a phone manufacturer can’t win. They design a hardware keyboard on a phone only to find out that people want a software keyboard on it. The next time around, they go without the keyboard and everyone complains about how difficult it is for text entry. Maybe LG has it right by playing both sides of the fence? That’s what they appear to be doing with the VX9600 for Verizon Wireless based on this shot from Howard Forums.

The handset offers a full touchscreen for your tapping pleasure, but also works with a snap-on QWERTY keypad to speed up your thumbs. It’s probably more accurate to say that the phone fits into the keypad module, but why quibble? There appears to be a cut-out for the camera and the module looks to add some protection to the phone as well. Crave says that LG has plans for additional modules as well, but for now we’ll have to guess what those would be. A ginormus signal booster so we don’t have to buy a femtocell module maybe? ;)

1 Comment

Dave Zatz

What I really like is that it’s bundled with that mini Maglight on the side. Wait, is that a massive stylus??

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