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Biting Mad About Bus Emissions: A woman in New York City bit a driver’s arm (through three layers of clothing) because she was upset his bus was not a hybrid. Ouch and yikes. — New York Daily News

Cleaning Up Cement Production: Mexico-based cement maker CEMEX and Spain’s Acciona plan to build a $550 million, 250-megawatt wind farm in Oaxaca that will generate the equivalent of a quarter of the electricity CEMEX consumes in Mexico. — Fortune’s Green Wombat

Study: Ethanol Not So Bad After All?: A new study on corn-based ethanol finds U.S. corn ethanol reduces greenhouse-gas emissions by at least twice as much as previously thought, but overlooks the effects land-use changes. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Stimulus for Norway Clean Energy: Norway’s government said today it plans to increase spending on clean energy projects by 80 percent this year as part of a $2.9 billion stimulus package. — Reuters

Jon Wellinghoff, Energy Regulator in Chief: The new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Acting Chairman’s history suggests he’ll promote energy efficiency, distributed electricity generation, and full integration of renewable resources into the national energy portfolio. — NYT’s Green Inc.



There comes a point at which one must ask oneself, “which is worse energetically? Stinky bus fumes or hurting another human being?” I think, at best, they are a draw.

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