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Daily Apple: Better Picture, Better Position, Better Reading, and Better MP3 Player

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Fix for NVIDIA Graphics Issues Released – Users experiencing trouble with their Dual-DVI connected monitors can breathe a sigh of relief now that a fix has been officially released by Apple. The fix addresses cursor problems on DisplayPort enabled Macs, and HD playback quality on machines using newer NVIDIA cards.

Apple Nets Multi-Touch, iPhone Patents, Better Position From Which to Threaten Palm – A lot has been made of the threatening words spoken by Tim Cook during the Q1 2009 Apple conference call, in which he hinted that Palm’s Pre could be grounds for a suit(s?). Today Apple can further back that up, since they acquired the patent for multi-touch and the iPhone.

Apple Adds New Ad – A new iPhone 3G ad was posted today by Apple on their website, this one again featuring third party apps available in the App Store. The apps featured are Yelp, Osirix, and Classics, and the theme is reading. Because all of those apps require you to read something, see.

Zune Revenue Plummets 50% in 2Q – Microsoft should really just put the thing out of its misery at this point. It’s no good, and it’s doing terrible. For a frame of reference, consider that Apple’s iPod sales rose 3 percent in their own first fiscal quarter. Just kill the thing, for all our sakes.

One Analyst Thinks New iMac Soon, Also It Will Rain Someday In Future – At this point I think the odds are in your favor if you claim a new iMac is on the horizon. Especially when you suggest a whole bunch of logical reasons why they may be waiting, as this particular analyst does.

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