Cisco Puts Money into Digitalsmiths


Digitalsmiths has added strategic funding from Cisco (s csco), the Research Triangle Park, N.C.-based startup said today. The amount of funding was not disclosed. Digitalsmiths had just announced its $12 million Series B funding at our NewTeeVee Live conference in November.

tmzvideoDigitalsmiths has always had some nice technology for smartly indexing video, but the company’s real breakthrough was when it was used as the video platform for and then extended that deal to power other Time Warner properties such as TMZ.

Cisco seems like a good strategic backer, given its recent emphasis on video. For instance, Cisco invested in P2P video platform Grid Networks last year and said it would distribute Grid’s client in its home networking products. Cisco also recently released research pointing to the rise of professionally produced video.

Digitalsmiths said it would be tied to the Cisco Media Solutions Group and its efforts to bring products to media companies.


Ash Vasudevan

Hi Liz,

Looks like you have a broken link to the “released research report” from CISCO on the rise of professionally produced video. Can you kindly update the link?

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