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Ahead of Green:Net, Smart Networks Take Center Stage

I’ll be there, how about you? Green:Net 09 — San Francisco, March 24With two months to go until our Green:Net conference, which will be held on March 24 here in San Francisco, it’s nice to see smart grid technologies take center stage in the public discourse around energy conservation. President Barack Obama on Saturday, in his first weekly address to the nation, laid out details of the $825 billion stimulus to the economy — and modernizing the electricity grid and installing 40 million “smart meters” in American homes is part of that plan.

As far as I’m concerned, the sooner we start seriously discussing the energy impact of both the Internet in particular and broadband in general, the better. We also need to figure out how to make our digital infrastructure more energy efficient. With that in mind, we have assembled a strong line-up of speakers for our conference, all of whom are already working on fixing these problems. You can check out the conference schedule, including the list of speakers, and purchase your tickets by visiting the Green:Net site — early-bird discounts end this Friday.