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New contentSutra Reporter: Sruthijith KK

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We’d like to introduce our new contentSutra reporter, Sruthijith KK. Sruthijith comes to us from the Mint newspaper, where he covered the media industry. He has also worked at DNA newspaper in Mumbai, where he was a copy editor and wrote a weekly column covering blogs. Sruthijith has an undergraduate degree from Delhi University.

When he begins writing for the site this week, Sruthijith will be covering emerging media of all kinds, which, of course, includes digital but also print as well as broadcast TV and radio, as those media are still very much on the rise in India. If you have questions, comments or news tips, you can reach Sruthijith directly at sk AT

11 Responses to “New contentSutra Reporter: Sruthijith KK”

  1. To,
    Shri Sruthijith KK

    Congratulations for abard.
    I am consistent of Indian rupee symbol Competition. In this regard I read a news
    ( I asked some Question Under RTI act 2005 which in given below-
    Shri Sushil Kumar, Under Secretary to the Govt. of India & CPIO vode latter no.F.No. 3/40/09-Cy Dated 7th January, 2010 had given me Information under RTI Act, 2005

    Que. 1 Name, Professian & Home State of all the member of jury
    (i) Smt. Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor, RBI, Mumbai-Chairman.
    (ii) Shri K.V. Eapen, Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.
    (iii) Ms. T. Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture, New Delhi.
    (iv) Smt. Aditi Mehta, Joint Secretary, Indira Gandhi national Center for Arts New Delhi.
    (v)Shri Anil Sinha, Chairperson, Integrated Desgin Services and Industry Programmes & Projects, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
    (vi) Professor Hemant Nagdive, Director, JJ School of Arts, Mumbai.
    (vii) Shri Bazil Shaikh, Chief General Manager, RBI, Mumbai.
    Que. 2-How meny desins received in hindi/English & other languages out of eligible 2644 designs.
    Ans -The Designs do not have any Language, it is the shape (Drawing) only.
    Que. 3-How meny meetings when , where & each date of meeting, time taken for the meeting & average time of applicant design taken reg. Totat entries of evaluation ?
    Ans. Meetings of Jury were held on 29/30 September, 2009 in Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi and on 16th November, 2009 in Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi for evaluation of entries. The meetings on 29th and 30th September were from 10.00AM to 5.00PM and the meeting meeting on 16th November was from 2-00 PM to 5.00PM
    Que. 4- Total received deigns and total of rejects deigns?
    Ans. There are 3331 eligible entries out of which five final entries were selected by the jury.
    Que. 7- The script of applicant which in Hindi language be translate in other language presents before jury.
    Ans. Only symbol of the applicant was presented to the Jury for selection.
    Que. 10- Explain briefly the rule (hindi-MANAK) of as widely accepting across the INDIA.
    Ans. The criteria adopted by the Jury in selecting the symbol was that the symbol should represent the historical and cultural ethos of the country as widely accepted across the Country and that the symbol has to be in the Indian National Language script or a visual representation. The second stage of selection focused on finer details such as whether the symbol
    (i) is distinct;
    (ii)can evoke a ready recall in India as well as internationally;
    (iii) is not unduly cluttered, i.e. simplicity;
    (iv) has strength of design;
    (v) is easy to write and typecast; and
    (vi) has integrity, unity of form and compact look
    Que. 11-The Biodata of eligible design put-up before jury or Coding Procedure in applied?
    Ans. Coding procedure was adopted.
    Please give your mob/Telephone no. I want to your contact you in this regard.
    Rakesh kumar Singh

  2. hi SK,
    ni ipolum suthrangalumai irangiyirikukayanu alle???!!! NGC'il gotti kalichu nadanna ni ipo enthu suthrama irakan pokunne???? :-)
    anyway all the best, and wish u a wonderful and exciting future…

  3. While I'm aware that Reporter and Correspondent can be used interchangably, I noticed that Mr Sruthijith was designated Reporter a few hours back… which is also what he has been referred to in in the report. And, now, he's Correspondent. Wow, that was quick. You sure are going places, Mr SK. Or is that the new Sutra?

    Just jokin' buddy. Enjoy the Sutra. Do lots of good Kaam(a) there. :-)