7 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm Sales “Promising” But Not Spectacular”

  1. I suggest trying the Storm with recent OS updates. I will not argue that the Storm launched well… which is why I waited a bit to get one, since I know an early adopter. Performance is much improved, it finally behaves like the 500+mhz phone it is.

    iPhone still has better web browser, though the Storms is pretty decent. Storm still has a bug where stereo bluetooth does not work properly while playing video (my biggest pet peeve, though it works fine for audio/calls) but the typing is much better than iPhone IMO, as is the email and document editing.

    If you have a Storm and arent happy, update your OS. If you were thinking about a Storm, take a look at one with newer updates. Still no iPhone killer, but it is the best touch phone not on At&t. (well in the USA anyhow, HTC Touch HD looks interesting but its still Euro only but TBH early HTC Touch models with their new UI are even worse than Storm was at launch in many respects, or were… though the hardware is impressive on some.)

  2. The device is terribly slow. The transition from land scape to portrait view was ridiculously slow, scrolling on the device was choppy, jerky and slow. Application selection and launch was slow. Had to reboot the device after about 10 minutes.

  3. Hi Ken–yes, we're talking about sales of the 3G iPhone–but only for those sold by AT&T and not worldwide. Similarly, those Storm figures are for Verizon sales only. The 6.9 million is for worldwide. There's an argument that 500K isn't that bad, considering all the harsh reviews the Storm got, but then again, this was launched to coincide with the holiday sales season, which is usually one of the strongest periods for mobile phone sales. -Dianne

  4. The "new reality" is that it should be criminal for companies to ship product that is faulty, just to meet some contractual deadline. Balsillie should be embarassed.

    As for Mauro, I hope he knows the adage of not counting your chickens before they hatch. I mean, it's nice and all when Balsillie says he's ordered 250k devices a week to be made, but he still has to sell em first, before we take Mauro's word that it will surpass the iPhone. And, why are we comparing this to the EDGE iPhone? Why aren't we comparing it to the 3G one, which shipped 6.9M, and sold 4.9M? The Storm is a 3G phone isn't it?

  5. Mauro Zallocco

    Are you getting your information from the flawed wall street journal article?
    The 500K units sold in the first month was constrained by supply, not lack of demand. Rimm are currently manufacturing 250,000 devices per week to meet demand.
    This far surpasses the 500K in the first month, and surpasses the 2.5Million iphones sold in the full 1st quarter.

    "rather than churning out yet another iPhone wannabe with requisite touch screen, RIM should have played to its own strengths—keyboards, multitasking and security"
    RIM already has an abundance of these. New offerings are coming out all the time. The 8900 is on deck.

    "Not everyone, after all, wants a touch screen…."
    RIM manufacturing 1million of these per month to meet demand vindicates them for producing such a device.

    I would be interested in reading Tricia's next review of the storm with the latest software release.