Condé Nast Merges All Digital Into One Unit; CondéNet’s Chubb Heads New CN Digital

Condé Nast is abandoning its longstanding strategy of separating digital properties and deciding instead to roll them all into one division. Sarah Chubb, president of the now disbanded CondéNet, will retain her title as head of the new division, Condé Nast Digital. Chubb will report to Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend. A rep told paidContent that no jobs would be lost as a result of the changes. The change is aimed at correcting Condé Nast’s jumbled approach to digital the last few years. For example, the publisher recently pulled the plug on a blog network tied to Glamour, Allure and Self and suspended new website launches.

A little over two years ago, Condé Nast took away operations and maintenance of its individual magazine websites from CondéNet. Since then, sites tied to mags like Glamour, Vanity Fair and Portfolio were run separately from CondéNet; the latter oversaw Wired Digital along with portals like and The two sides often shared online ad-sales functions. More after the jump.

While CondéNet has had its share of troubles — such as across-the-board layoffs — it has maintained stability at recent acquisitions like ArsTechnica, which Condé Nast bought and turned over to the interactive unit in May. Other efforts like turning teen girls’ social net Flip into an app bore little fruit; the site was closed last month.

Although CondéNet has been around 13 years, Townsend conceded to AdAge that when it comes to digital, “We really haven’t put a lot of effort against it, if you’re just simply honest.” According to a survey of major publishers taken by AdAge, Condé Nast