Weekend Vid Picks: Before They Were Best Actress Nominees


Congratulations, Academy Award nominees! Must feel good, right? Waking up, getting that call, knowing that your peers have chosen to recognize your talents and have quite possibly forgotten about that long ago and slightly embarrassing career choice. Well, unfortunately for you, online video does not forget.

I’m a big Anne Hathaway fan (nominated for Rachel Getting Married). But I’m a big Anne Hathaway fan because of Brokeback Mountain and her other recent dramatic roles. Not for her post-modern princess trilogy (Princess Diaries 1 and 2, Ella Enchanted) and her work as a series regular on the poor man’s My So-Called Life, Get Real, (embedding has been disabled on the full episode uploads, but below is a brief clip of Hathaway talking about the Wondermints).

Despite the fact that she’s arguably the only female action star working today, Angelina Jolie didn’t shoot or roundhouse-kick anyone in Changeling, which is notable, given her career history. She has, however, been a bad-ass since the beginning — check out this scene from Cyborg 2 if you don’t believe me.

Given that the actress (despite having a long and prolific TV pedigree) has never been fully recognized for her talents, Melissa Leo’s nomination for Frozen River was a nice surprise. An even nicer surprise? Finding this clip from the 1989-1992 Western series The Young Riders, in which she asks fellow Oscar nominee Josh Brolin for a favor.

The annoying thing about Meryl Streep (nominated for Doubt) is that she really hasn’t done anything embarrassing in her career. So just bask in her versatility, as demonstrated here by her guest appearance on a 1994 episode of The Simpsons as the daughter of Reverend Lovejoy.

And let’s wrap it up with Kate Winslet (nominated for The Reader), who’s the likely favorite to win this year — if only because, as prophesized by Extras, she finally did a movie about the Holocaust. Winslet has had a long, eclectic career, but it’s some of her early stuff I like best: for example, her supporting work on the 1991 British children’s series Dark Season.

Watch, and be grateful that you weren’t a professional actress during your most awkward bits of adolescence.



Check out Angelina Jolie’s first movie Love Is All There Is starring Abe Vigoda, Connie Stevens, Dick Van Patton, Joe Bolgna and Renee Taylor!

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