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Plug-in Car Conversion Startups Spared by Cali Regulators, For Now

PHEV conversion companies, which turn hybrid vehicles like the Prius into plug-ins, snagged a big win in Sacramento on Friday. The California Air Resources Board, which had been considering new rules for emissions tests and warranties on aftermarket conversions, decided to separate regulations for the emerging industry from a larger package of emissions testing requirements. Representatives of startups like EDrive Systems, OEMTek, and Plug-In Conversions Corp. now have several weeks to put together an alternate set of rules for the board to consider.

7 Responses to “Plug-in Car Conversion Startups Spared by Cali Regulators, For Now”

  1. Why would CARB think it should have jurisdiction on warranty plans? That’s a huge overstep in their authority, which was nominally about handling smog in California. They graduated to CO2 emissions (and by direct implication, MPG requirements as well) and now they think they should dictate warranty plans as well.

    Where is The Terminator when we actually need him?

  2. Zero X Owner

    OMG, CARB does something right for the first time in its history? Did someone take a picture. This is HUGE history! The future might just be better, after all.

    Now if the conversion groups can just come up with minimum barriers to entry that CARB can further cut down, we might see some progress in getting off of imported oil.