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Mobile Tech Minutes- ergonomics is important

The Minutes for today show my ergonomic desktop setup that has made a world of difference in having a happy back, neck and shoulders.  I show the arrangement of the display in conjunction with the MacBook and even give a tour of the Lapworks Aluminum Laptop Stand I use.  The importance of good ergonomics cannot be overstated and it should be practiced by anyone working at a desk.

Watch it in HD right here.

14 Responses to “Mobile Tech Minutes- ergonomics is important”

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  2. would like to see another day-in-the-life, and how each (toy)tool plays its part, the absence of the p1620, the addition of the 2730p and how it compares with similar models.

  3. When I do work at home, I find using my bed or one of our big chairs in the living room the most comfortable places to work. I put a pillow under the laptop as a stand; fortunately, my laptops don’t get too warm!

    At work at the day job, I have an ‘ergonomic’ corner desk with two large monitors, decent desk chair and keyboard with a touchpad instead of a mouse. The keyboard helps a lot but at the end of the day I am sore much more so than after working at home. I would be happier if they let me bring in one of the big chairs from home and gave me a laptop to work on!

    I think ergonomics is really about finding out the ways that your body is most comfortable sitting and typing on a computer and there isn’t one way that works for everyone.


  4. That’s a handy notebook stand, but I’m surprised the designers didn’t put a grill on there to help with fan cooling. If I were using that stand with a hot notebook, I’d grab the drill, a 1/8 drill bit and put a few holes in there.

    Personally, I wouldn’t use the notebook screen together with a monitor. I’d prefer to put the notebook underneath the monitor, lid closed, and put the monitor on a stand. Matrox sells a device that lets you connect 2-3 external monitors to notebooks and link them together to make one huge desktop.

  5. i noticed the nice wallpaper in those pics

    i used to have that one, got it from lifehacker, but now i downloaded a new dualmonitor high resolution wallpaper.
    its really great and i can get it to go across my monitors with display fusion. this means that i dont have to look at 2 pictures of the same thing. i was thiking that you might like to do the same now that you have 2 monitors.

    hope this helps you

  6. JK, how many cables do you have to attach to your MacBook when it’s “docked”? I really prefer notebooks from vendors that offer docking stations to drop the machine in. My Thinkpad X60t is nice in that regard, and I particularly like the fact that the dock has the DVD drive, so I don’t have to lug that around.

  7. Compulim, I do have an external keyboard on a tray beneath the big monitor. I mentioned it in the video but it was barely on camera.

    ignar, the brightness on the Macbook was not at maximum and the angle of the video made it look less bright. It’s quite nice in reality.

  8. Compulim

    The stand looks cool and it helps you to keep your eye level between a bigger desktop monitor and the notebook itself. I got a 3M and always set it to highest position.

    As I see you set the Studio monitor as primary (dock is there), but you don’t have an external keyboard. So I guess you would need to twist your back in order to type on the bigger monitor, which is not good to both your back and waist. My 2c.

  9. I started putting a shoe box under my laptop and an external keyboard on my knees for longer work sessions hand my neck shoulder wrists are so much better. This stand is just so much nicer.

  10. i like how it folds up nice & thin. most of the laptop stands ive seen are thick chunky plastic.

    but personally i use my gigantic bed as my desk with my laptop, accessories, remotes, etc. it’s a blast & soooo comfortable. only time i ever use my external monitor in my office now is when running apps like Photoshop.