Sanyo, Nippon Oil Team Up for Thin-film Solar Cells

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nippon-oil-logosanyo-logoTeaming up with fellow electronics powerhouse Panasonic wasn’t enough for Sanyo Electric (s SANYY). And for Nippon Oil Corp.(s NPOIY), a toe-dip into solar for propelling cargo ships was only the beginning. Today the Japan-based photovoltaic maker and oil distributor launched a 50-50 joint venture to manufacture thin-film solar cells for large-scale power generation.

The companies plan to invest 20 billion yen (about $225 million) building a factory for the venture, called Sanyo Eneos, and begin production by early 2011. They have slated annual production capacity to go from an initial 80 megawatts to 1 gigawatt within five years. Sanyo and Nippon said they plan to double that within a decade.

“We believe thin-film solar panels meet the needs of countries with significant land mass or deserts,” Nippon Oil president Shinji Nishio told AFP today. In other words: Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and — if President Barack Obama’s promised stimulus projects get under way — the United States.

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Uncle B

It is becoming apparent from the caliber of folks going Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, and Geo-thermal, that world energy supplies, particularly of oil are declining. How do the proletariat respond? With super-insulated smaller survival dwellings and a willingness to work by contract, only part of the year, in dormed factories and bunkhouses, to be set free, to go live in the boonies, away from restrictive, expensive, civil codes, as the Chinese laborers do! on small family farms! To Hell with corporatism and psychotic consumerism in the ‘burbs! We want “Eco-Ark” survival units in a non-materialistic communal, garden, and aquaculture farm setting, free from the commercial hold on our well-being that has let us down so badly with cyclical recessions arranged to raid our personal riches every three or four years! Fvck That! We want pioneer freedoms and modern technologies to support them! Solar powered, Wind Turbine supported,super insulated, fully electronically equipped techno-survival units capable of supporting us through the rough spots, when capitalism does its ‘Cashing in” without foreclosures, hunger or deprivations! Bull Shiite on 8 to 5 for the “Man” and living in his ‘burbs with impossible bills! Less oil is not funny to the common folk! it is hunger and loss of lifestyle! we don’t like it at all! We will change our ways big-time before suffering like fools! Bet your Ass!

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