Prism: A Flexible, Free Tool for Working With Video


If you’re like many web workers, you’re increasingly working with video files. For some, the simple steps required to work with YouTube videos suffices, but if you need tools for more flexibility with the video you work with, there are many good free applications.

In this post, I’ll cover Prism, a free application for working with video that can handle most format conversion and compression tasks you may run into.

Prism is a simple to use application that will let you convert video from one format to virtually any other popular format. You can even preview the output to gauge whether you have your encoding and output right, and compare converted video to video in the original format. You can convert files in batches by making a list of the file names selecting a target format, and clicking a Convert button.

Prism has been updated to support newer popular video formats such as 3GP, which is popular for delivering video to mobile devices. You also get conversion for all the long-standing formats including .AVI, .ASF, .WMV, .MP4 and others. Prism is available for both Windows and Mac users.

You can get a good idea of how Prism works by looking at the screenshot tour found here. As seen there, it has complete compression features, with a video compressor supporting many types of codecs and a sound compressor also supporting a long list of codecs.

NCH Software makes Prism available for free in hopes that users will upgrade to its Pris Plus professional version, and there is a downloadable demo for it. For most users, though, the free version will suffice. It’s fully capable of converting and compressing video for putting on a web site, a cell phone, watching on TV, working with media players and more.



very cool software – have been looking for something like this. Ever since the advent of lots of those quick and easy to use video cameras – its nice to have an easy to use video edit software to do some basic things.


A practical free app like Prism is likely to have a significant amount of appeal in this market, especially due to a dynamic aspect to their work (eg: embedded video/flash) being necessary for most website developers who are surviving the economic crisis.

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