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Startup Shortcuts: An App for Misbehaving Macs

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You own an iPhone. You probably own a Mac as well. We all know that there are startup keyboard shortcuts for every troubleshooting procedure a user can follow when his or her Mac misbehaves. Some are easier to remember than others. Some are truly arcane. If you remember only some but not others, developer Eric Barbosa has an iPhone app that you might want to keep on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Screenshot 2008.11.23 18.16.15.jpg

Startup Shortcuts is an app that lists just about every procedure for troubleshooting a Mac and its accompanying keyboard shortcuts. The main screen of Startup Shortcuts shows a list of troubleshooting scenarios.

Screenshot 2008.11.23 18.16.09.jpg

Tap on any one of them and you will be brought to a second screen that shows both the keystrokes for that procedure and a short description of the symptoms typically associated with that particular problem.

Screenshot 2008.12.19 13.04.33.jpg

Startup Shortcuts probably has nothing much to offer to the power user, as the troubleshooting scenarios it lists are what should by now be common knowledge to such users. But I confess that, even as a power user, I found myself hit by a mental blackout on the morning my MacBook Pro suddenly died, and I had to Google for the keystrokes for resetting the SMC (speaking of which, resetting the SMC is a procedure absent in this version of Startup Shortcuts).

If you are a recent switcher or a novice Mac user, give Startup Shortcuts a place in your iPhone or iPod touch. It just might come in handy for the power user as well.

Startup Shortcuts (direct App Store link, developer’s product page) costs 99 cents. For a dollar, this is an app worth keeping.

4 Responses to “Startup Shortcuts: An App for Misbehaving Macs”

  1. How about an equivalent app or widget for the Mac itself! Many times i’ve rummaged through the Hlep or Internet or whatever trying to figure out one of those arcane startup options (like “safe boot) and it would be so nice to have it as a stickie or some such on my Mac.