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From YouTube HQ: HQ Video Embeds

YouTube has started enabling high-quality video playback on its embeds. Previously, you could switch to the high-quality stream by hacking the embed code, but now YouTube provides a handy-dandy little “HQ” button in the lower-right pop-up menu. Clicking on the button lets you toggle between the high-quality and the normal version.

The option makes a bigger difference depending on the original quality of the video (hat tip to TechCrunch for pointing out a good Obama example). You can really see the difference (reinforcing just how cruddy YouTube videos are at their most basic level).

Non-HQ version:

HQ version:

YouTube also offers HD streaming for select videos on its site, but HD playback in the embeds does not seem to be an option at this point.

While YouTube doesn’t give out specific numbers, the number of views YouTube receives from embeds is less than 44 percent of its total viewership. We contacted YouTube PR to to find out more.

6 Responses to “From YouTube HQ: HQ Video Embeds”

  1. Read your post on YouTube HQ. I’ve posted about 40 videos to date. The last 2-3 months, all have been posted in HQ which looks great. Now none are, and even the ones that were in HQ are not anymore. Any idea as to why?

  2. Werner Mann

    That is good news! Even though YouTube needs to include the HQ button on more embeds. They have much more HD videos than they show. Nevertheless great move since that helps YouTube to stay on top, even on platforms like myspace or this new LoomTV – !