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Talk in Tesla Town: Tesla Motors has announced a set of town hall meetings to discuss jacked-up prices on pre-ordered Roadsters, since an email from CEO Elon Musk failed to appease angry customers. — AutoblogGreen

Not-So-Super Carbon Footprint: A multimillion-dollar supercomputer designed by IBM to gauge the affect of climate change in the UK will emit an estimated 14,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. — Red Orbit

Now Hiring: The top ten green jobs for the next decade include farmers, urban planners, wind turbine fabricators and smart-grid software developers. — Fast Company

Golden State Greenness Overhyped?: California may not be the beacon of energy efficiency it’s so often held up to be. The energy-intensive industrial side of tech has moved out of state, and the temperate climate means policies deserve little credit for efficiency in heating and cooling. — Climateer Investing

Costly Climate Fight: A new European Commission report estimates that the global cost of tackling climate change will reach 175 billion euros annually by 2020. — AFP