Daily Apple: Take 3, Bad Apples, & Boot Camp Heritage


Apple TV “Take 3” Update Next Month, Here’s a Wish List – TG Daily seems to be under the impression that Apple (s aapl) is in the business of giving customers their dream machines, so they’ve provided a list of exactly what it’ll take to propel Apple TV to the next level with their upcoming update. If they provide these things, I’ll buy one.

Six Bad Apples Don’t Spoil The Whole Bunch, Baby – PCWorld, eager to reaffirm the value of their own chunk of the market, are celebrating Apple’s 25th anniversary by printing a big smacking list of Apple’s notable failures. I still know a guy who uses number six, but the list doesn’t lie.

Removing the iWork Trojan From Your Ill-Gotten Gains – In case you somehow mistakenly downloaded iWork ’09 from a Torrent site, and got stuck with the Trojan it came packed with, Mac.Blorge has produced this lovely guide on how to rid yourself of your unwelcome guest. Simple process, since it’s just a program designed to get rid of it.

Windows On Apple in ’83 – Long before BootCamp, Parallels, VMware, or anything else came along, there was Windows on an Apple computer. It used a hardware emulator card to get it running, but there it is, in full green and black glory. Cost, on top of computer and Windows 1.0 purchase: $899.

Very Reasonable Suggestions Which Will Go Unheard – Here’s some business tips for Apple’s board of directors, from an Apple shareholder. Maybe when they’re done laughing, they will do exactly the opposite.



No one here seems to follow number$ or what’s actually going on the world of cable and satellite TV delivery.

First, AppleTV sales tripled in the last year. Ain’t bad for a hobby. I should have such a hobby.

CableCard? Cripes. No one is seriously moving CC tech including the cable companies who list it as an option. They screw it up, can’t install it correctly and overcharge.

Add an ATSC tuner? WTF? Advice from someone who lives the 15% of urban America that has more than 5 or 6 TV stations worth watching.

Sat reception? So, Apple should choose between DISH and D*? Wait another year or two and they can buy D* after they buy DISH. The two systems are incompatible as they now stand [or orbit].


That’s a Macworld article reprinted at PC World…notice that Adam Engst wrote it…


Can’t really argue PC Worlds picks. And as far as #6 goes I hate the Mighty Mouse almost as much as I hated the Puck Mouse (for different reasons).

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