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Coffee break- phone day in the coffee shop

coffee_man_2I have worked hard in my office all week but the beautiful weather today enticed me out from behind the desk and down to the neighborhood coffee shop.  I’ve been here for a while but sadly the experience hasn’t been as good nor as productive as usual.  It seems it’s phone (call) day at the local haunt and frankly it’s made it hard to concentrate on getting work done.

Two of the 10 folks working away here are salesmen, and there’s no doubt that’s what they are because they have both been on their phones for over an hour.  One phone call after another, making sales pitches and setting up meetings for next week.  They’re loud enough that we can all hear everything they say and could even tell you the names of some of those they’ve called.  Needless to say it gets pretty darn annoying after a while and it points out that getting work done in the coffee shop is not a given.

Do you run into this often?  I admit I don’t but I am not in a bustling area of town where this could easily be the norm.  What do you do when confronted with the overly loud coffee shop and you need to get some work done?  I have to admit I threw my laptop in a bag and headed out and found I don’t have any earplugs or headphones with me.  Ouch.

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