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Boxee Tells Mac Users to Get LOST


Boxee is telling their Mac users to get LOST — that is, they are telling them that they can watch the hit show on their Mac.

Boxee is releasing a new update for their Mac version today that allows users to stream content from ABC. The release is timed to coincide with the season premier of LOST, which will be available through the day following the broadcast. The Apple TV, Windows, and Linux updates are in the works. I’m not-so-secretly pleased to see this update out on the Mac platform first.


I had a chance to ask the boxee team for a quick response on why support for ABC is coming to the Mac before all those other guys. If you are a regular visitor to TheAppleBlog, you will not be shocked to see that the team at boxee just likes the Mac. And I say, why shouldn’t they?
 Here are the four reasons that they said Mac people are getting the ABC love first…

  1. Consistent hardware – The Mac is the easiest to program for because they know exactly what kind of hardware people are on.
  2. Macs work well with (and often come with) remotes.
  3. Half of boxee users are using boxee in conjunction with their big screen TV and an AppleTV. Since the majority of their users are on Mac, that was the platform they decided to launch ABC with (and the platform they initially launched boxee on back in June).
  4. Last, but not least, they’re all on Mac and they like Apple (s aapl) products.

We have been encouraging people to try out boxee on their Mac or AppleTV, but I am pleasantly surprised to learn that half or more of their users are on an Apple product. Now if we could just get Apple to sit up and notice that boxee is the perfect reason to buy a Mac mini, maybe they would get around to updating the graphics chip after three whole pickin’ years with the GMA950.

Of course, adding more streaming media isn’t all that boxee has been up to lately. They received a lot of recognition at CES and have started receiving coverage at major news outlets like the New York Times.  There’s been some interest in getting boxee onto a specialized media player device that would be easier to set up than hacking your AppleTV. Even if the patchstick procedure is pretty straightforward for the technically literate, it’s certainly not something my parents would ever do.

You can sign up to join the public alpha test at

7 Responses to “Boxee Tells Mac Users to Get LOST”

  1. My Mac Mini 1.42 GHz Power PC G4 w/ 1 gb DDR SDRAM gets an error message when trying to load Boxee…. You cannot open application Boxee as it is not supported on this architecture.

    Could someone please clarify?