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Barrett Out, Jane Shaw In As Intel Chair

Intel’s (s intc) Chairman Craig Barrett said today that he will step down in May. After 35 years with the company, seven of them as the CEO and almost almost four as chair, Barrett is announcing his departure at a time when the chipmaker is slashing manufacturing, recently posted a 90 percent drop in profits and may report its first loss in more than two decades. His replacement, Jane Shaw, is an independent board member, who will become a non-executive chairman. It’s a shame that after 35 years, Barrett can’t leave on a high note.

One Response to “Barrett Out, Jane Shaw In As Intel Chair”

  1. Barrett was lousy for Intel, at least for the last dozen years. When he became CEO, he took seriously the need for diversification, but failed badly at it, and he let the core business deteriorate in the meantime. He wasn’t beloved like his predecessors, because he was sarcastic and self-aggrandizing. Grove’s biggest mistake was appointing Barrett and then not acknowledging the error when he, Grove, was Chairman.