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Apple Ordered to Pay Up for 1G Nano Scratches

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Photo credit: Patrick Haney

At any given time, there are so many active suits against Apple (s aapl) that it can be downright impossible to keep track of them all.

Answer me this: How many of those actually end up with an “L” in Apple’s column? In fact, how many of those are we even privy the outcome of, considering the number of them that are resolved in settlement, for which the terms can’t be revealed? Well, we know the ending of at least a couple, and we can add another to the list. Today a class action suit filed against Apple for the decidedly un-scratch-resistant first generation iPod Nano got a ruling.

The court ruled recently in favor of the plaintiffs in the case, agreeing that the older iPod was too susceptible to scratch damage on its front surface. If you own either the 1G Nano, or other iPods released at the same time, you probably know what they’re talking about. My own black iPod Video looks like it was in a car accident, when in fact I just carried it around in my pocket without a case the entire time I had it.

Any 1G iPod Nano owners who feel they deserve a piece of the pie can go ahead and claim either $15 (if there iPod shipped with a slip cover) or $25 (if it didn’t). Don’t go expecting a check the next day, of course, since you’re wandering into civil law town, where nothing is every prompt, and true resolution takes forever.

If the ruling stands, this could mean trouble for Apple down the line, since, as I mentioned, the iPod Video has a similar finish on its surface. The amount that they could eventually pay out, even at only $15-$25 per unit, when you consider that 1 million of the things were sold in the first 17 days of its release isn’t anything to shake a stick at. That’s between $15 and $25 million, should they end up having to pay out for just the first 17 days worth of iPods. Not chump change, by any means.

3 Responses to “Apple Ordered to Pay Up for 1G Nano Scratches”

  1. I still have my first gen Nano, all it needs is a polish with Brasso and it looks like new again. $25 isn’t much to pay out when the 4gig I bought was aud$360. Methinks Apple still made a mint.