Mobile Content Bits: Android Market Hits 800; available, But No Cupcake; Nokia Music Phone

0 Comments launches on Android: CBS’s, a streaming music service, has launched an application on the T-Mobile G1 Android Market. The application offers personalized streaming radio, concert information and the ability to track users’ listening habits. The application stacks up closely with imeem’s Android App, which has been in the Market for some time. Also, coincidentally, there’s another application on the phone under the name, however, it was not built by CBS (NYSE: CBS) and received unfavorable reviews.

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Market hits 800 Applications: During Google’s Q4 earnings conference call yesterday, the company said its store on the T-Mobile G1 has 800 applications available for free. That’s compared to the 15,000 available on the iPhone’s App store, but then again, the iPhone has a larger install base and has been around for longer and Google doesn’t allow applications to be sold yet. Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP of Google’s Product Management, said in Google’s earnings conference call that more partnerships are coming for Android: “Well, we think the Android numbers will start to speak for themselves, particular this year, now that we’ve got some additional partners signed up to get to the next generation from a hardware perspective on the platform. So we are very optimistic about Android.” (See Seeking Alpha transcript.)

Google Android Cupcake Update in process: So, it appears that a major upgrade to the Android operating system that people were really excited about is still far off and being worked on by developers, reports This is likely a let down, but still looks like some neat features are coming, whenever that may be. These include: an option that allows people to view what applications are currently running, and a way to terminate them; New animations for opening/closing windows; and a new virtual keyboard that pops up on every edit box.

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) sells 1 million music phones: Nokia said today it has shipped one million Nokia 5800 XpressMusic devices, which is the first mass market touch screen device. Since its introduction in Oct. 2008, the phone has gone up for sale in a number of markets, including Hong Kong, Moscow and in the U.K.

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