Mobile Broadband Bits: $1B Wireless Broadband; Sprint; LTE In HK


$1 Billion For Wireless Broadband: The US House Energy and Commerce Committee approved legislation that makes at least $1 billion of the economic recovery package available in wireless broadband grants reports RCR Wireless. This is part of the $6 billion earmarked for high-speed internet services in underserved areas of the country. The open-access provisions were kept, despite industry protests.

Sprint (NYSE: S) Nextel Asks For Emergency Network Money: Sprint is seeking government funding for a 5-year, $2 billion emergency network plan which will involve 100 satellite-based light tucks and around 100,000 mobile handsets or equipment at nearly 40 pre-selected sites. (CBR)

LTE Licenses In Hong Kong: A spectrum auction has finished in Hong Kong, with four of the biggest telcos paying HL$1.5 billion ($193 million) for 3 wireless broadband licenses. Only 90 MHz of the 195 MHz being auctioned was purchased, wtih CSL, China Mobile HK and Genius Brand (a JV between PCCW and Hutchison) buying 30 MHz each. The licenses are technology neutral but the telcos are expected to build LTE networks — no bids were received for the Wimax-compatible 2.3GHz band. (TelecomAsia)

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