Eidos Shuts Mobile Gaming Studio, Lays Off 14


UK company developer Eidos is laying off 14 people and shuttering its mobile games studio in Manchester almost two years after spending £7.7 million on the facility, writes GamesIndustry.biz. The move marks Eidos’s retreat from casual gaming: as the company confirms to GamesIndustry, “We need to focus our efforts on high-quality titles that will deliver long-term franchise value” — and that means focusing more on big game like Tomb Raider. While still a global gaming brand, the latest Lara Croft installment sold comparatively badly in America, prompting the company to cut its sales forecast for the year.

Eidos bought the studio, then called Rockpool Games, in February 2007 along with games-licensing company Ironstone Partners and casual-games developer SoGoPlay. At the time it said it was making an acquisition in a “consistently growing market;” the market, of course, has since changed. Last year, Eidos shut down its Pivotal studio, which made the Conflict games series, and has cut staff at Crystal Dynamics, the makers of Tomb Raider.

Meanwhile, talk of an Eidos takeover has gone quiet one week after the company confirmed it was in exploratory talks over a deal.

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