Obama's Green Stimulus Bill Opens Doors For Tech


The Obama administration’s $825 billion economic recovery package, nicknamed the “Green New Deal,” is packed with references to doubling renewable energy generation, funding public transportation and energy-efficiency projects, and investing in clean water and environmental restoration. But it’s not just a present for the cleantech crowd — the infotech world is getting some goodies, too.

Sure, the bill pledges funding for computerizing the health care system, modernizing education delivery (including technology), and, yes, the green-hued smart grid. But many of the same items that have the cleantech crowd champing at the bit to see the bill passed offer hidden opportunities for tech firms, too. Today’s environmental innovations, from greener highway design to safer water delivery, depend heavily on data, data and more data, positioning tech firms to seize a substantial piece of one of the hottest markets in town. Celeste spells out four big opportunities over at GigaOM.

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