Fox Interactive Media Layoffs Continue With Scout, Go Across Groups


Earlier this month, Fox Interactive Media (NYSE: NWS) admitted it was shutting down its tool-and-storage Flektor site and Atlanta-based SpringWidgets. Now, we’ve confirmed layoffs at Scout Media, although a FIM spokesman wouldn’t say how many. When we asked if FIM is laying off across every group or if there is some kind of savings goal each group is trying to reach between layoffs and other cuts, we were told: “We’re not commenting on a specific savings goal, but I can confirm that several of the groups within FIM are eliminating some jobs and repurposing others. This is part of a larger effort we’re making to put FIM in the best possible position to succeed now, and more importantly to emerge even stronger once the markets recover. Also, it’s important to note that we’re still hiring in many areas.” No numbers or other details yet. We’d like to hear more so feel free to e-mail staci AT or direct Twitter to sdkstl.

Online sports network Scout was part of FIM’s first-burst spending spree, picked up in 2005 for $60 million. We’re told these are the group’s first layoffs since then.



What is surprising is that people are now complaining.
Even Paid Content should not have been valued @ what is reported in the gossip blogs.
So many of companies like this one need to cut jobs or just close down.

Jenkins has been and always will be a joke of a site. They should have never bought that DOG!

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