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Earnings: Google UK Income Fell 11.7 Percent In Three Months

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The party’s surely over for Google’s go-go ad sales. It drew revenue of $685 million from the UK in the three months to December 31 – that’s 3.6 percent more than the same period last year, but 11.7 percent down on the previous quarter. Though many have expected online to continue attracting more and more ad spend, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is clearly now a victim of the falling spend that is hitting other media.

Overall, though, Google recorded 18 percent better worldwide revenue than a year ago at $4.83 billion. The UK’s contribution to Google’s overall bottom line, though, is sinking – from 14 percent of global revenue in the previous quarter, it fell to 12 percent. Non-US sales’ proportion fell slightly from 50 percent in the previous quarter to 48 percent. Currency fluctuations between the quarters cost Google $334 million. Full Google earnings coverage over on

4 Responses to “Earnings: Google UK Income Fell 11.7 Percent In Three Months”

  1. Robert Andrews

    @ "ru": We do mention the currency fluctuation. And this doesn't detract from the money Google in Mountain Valley pulled from the UK – in fact, it's the *point*.

  2. ru stupid?

    This is a totally bogus article. How stupid are the people that right this stuff?

    Its the exchange rate changing the numbers! Have a look at US$ to Stirling and then work through your comments again…………..

    the mind boggles….