Windows 7 Start Menu Feature: Recent Files and Browsing History

I’ve continued to tinker with the Windows 7 beta and like the little usability touches that offer a better experience. Take the new Start menu for example. Next to the Internet Explorer shortcut is a little arrow. Simply hovering over it or tapping it causes the menu to expand to the right. Your recent browsing history appears in the expanded area, making for a quick click if you wanted to navigate to a recently viewed website or page.

Windows 7 Start menu with IE Browsing History

Windows 7 Start menu with IE Browsing History

The same goes for other frequently used applications that appear in the Start menu as well. Paint is right above Internet Explorer in my menu; you can’t see the same little arrow in the shot above, but it was there after I saved a file in Paint. Clicking or hovering over it offers me a list of the Recent files used with the application. Very nice!


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