Streamy Awards: Submissions Close Friday

It’s time for your cheerful Streamy Awards update! This Friday is the final day for submissions to the awards competition that LA Times’s David Sarno called the Emmys for online video.

We’ve already received nearly 53,000 nominations for the best in web series, and while all shows submitted will be evaluated by the IAWTV, a committee which will include some of online video’s most well-informed advocates, it’s important to remember that the most-submitted entry in each category will automatically be named as a People’s Choice nominee.

Yesterday, I asked folks on Twitter what shows they were most hoping would get Streamys nominations, and the responses (Engaged: The Series, With the Angels, The Retributioners, RedEarth88, The Guild, EPIC-FU) by and large came from parties who, ahem, had some connection to the show they were rooting for. The moral is this: If you have a series, it’s probably up to you to make sure that it gets considered. It’s the Internet, after all. Everyone is their own PR agent.


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