Slideshare Integrates YouTube


Around a month ago, we wrote about the integration of Slideshare within Microsoft’s Office, notably Powerpoint.

youtubeslideshareRashmi Sinha, the CEO of Slideshare, cheekily announced the company’s ‘acquisition of YouTube’ – more specifically, the ability to integrate ‘Video Inside Slides.’

Available starting today, this feature will enable users to play YouTube clips inside Slideshare. This potentially brings rich media to regular slide decks; and is particularly useful for demos and screencasts of applications and web sites.

In true Slideshare fashion, the company has heralded the arrival of video…in slideware!

Some of the company’s suggestions for the use of video include:

  • video CVs and resumes
  • news videos
  • screencasts
  • soundbites for press releases

Adding a video is as simple as selecting the Edit and Insert YouTube video commands from Slideshare and then choosing between which slides the clip is to be inserted. Simple!

The company states that this brings together the largest presentation archive and the largest consumer video archive, which opens some fascinating possibilities and potentially some great mashups and enhanced creativity for boring corporate material.

Coupled with the recent Powerpoint integration, this new partnership with YouTube might indicate there’s a broader ‘Slideshare-inside’ program in the offing. This means new value without jeopardizing years of experience invested in existing tools. Both developments around Slideshare suggest that the service deserves a richer API than is currently available, to enable the support of more diverse extensions and enable the development of commercial extensions in a Slideshare ‘ecosphere.’

More on the Slideshare site.


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wait- you can edit the video too? so i can embed a youtube video in my slides, play the beginning, automatically skip the middle, and then play the end as well? If so, that’s pretty impressive

Sebasitan Stephenson

Silde share is a great site for learning about stuff

at least you may use it as a filter for enducatonal stuff on youtube(maybe)

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