Daily Sprout

Chrysler-Fiat Deal Contingent on More Loans: Anonymous sources say Fiat’s agreement to take a 35-percent stake in Chrysler will not be binding unless Washington loans Chrysler an additional $3 billion. — Wall Street Journal

Toyota the New Top Dog: For the first time since the Great Depression, General Motors (s GM) cannot call itself the world’s largest automaker. Its sales fell behind Toyota (s TM) in 2008.– New York Times

Energy Storage Taxonomy Unveiled: The Storage Networking Industry Association has proposed a “Green Storage Taxonomy” for classifying energy storage devices based on power consumption where and how they’re used. The group also wants to set a standard for measuring idle power consumption. — Press Release

Carbon Prices Tank: The price of carbon permits has fallen by more than half since mid-2008. They were trading at 11.63 euros (about $15) by early afternoon on Wednesday, largely because of the global economic downturn. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Obama Halts Midnight Regulations: President Barack Obama ordered a freeze on new or proposed regulations at all government agencies and departments yesterday. The Federal Eye blog has a link to the full memo from Rahm Emanuel. — Washington Post’s Federal Eye