Twitter’s UK Growth Spreads Traffic To News, Entertainment Sites

A statistical postscript to yesterday’s news Philip Schofield is a tweeter – the site is still proportionally more popular in the UK than the US, and is spreading some welcome traffic to news and entertainment sites. Hitwise says UK traffic to the site grew 10 percent in the last year, but still it’s only the 23rd most popular social network in Britain…

Popularity: In the week ending January 17, Twitter ranked 291 for UK web visits on a 0.024 percent share, against 350th place in the US on a 0.020 percent share. This frankly could be because there are more websites or more diverse interests in the US. Hitwise says the fastest growing UK user age group is 35-to-44-year-olds, currently 17.3 percent of users.

Link love: Hardly surprising given the user growth, traffic from Twitter to other sites has increased 30 percent in the last year. More interesting, the kind of linkouts – 17.6 percent to entertainment sites, 14.6 percent to social nets, 10 percent to news and media sites, 6.6 percent to blogs and 4.5 percent to retailers.

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