Where Did You Watch Obama Become President?


With much of the U.S. at the office instead of in front of their TVs for today’s inauguration festivities, the many, many outlets carrying the action gave online video a big boost. We’ve been covering the various angles throughout the day on GigaOM and NewTeeVee.

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I was at work, and wasn’t allowed to stream the coverage, because the guys I work with “were sick of it.” I had to settle for watching it online later. I wasn’t going to go in in the first place, but I did, and they should have let me stream, (I was really frustrated about the whole thing.)


I came home from school and watched it. I think it was a intriguing event I must say. For some strange reason I tried to get away from it and I ended up righjt back on cnn and fox. I went to class only to come back and watch somemore of it while starting a project. I can’t say I am a big fan of some of his plans but I believe he will put the appropiate people around him for him to make a sound decision. I wish him well. I am sure there is a lot of people that want him to fail. If he fail, we all fail. United We stand, divided we fall.


Your ‘Poll’ is skewed towards tech and those who care to follow Obama and/or US politics.

Some people watched at movie houses, others caught it – often accidentally – on video billboards outdoors and many didn’t watch at all.

Not to mention that the drag on the internet and broadcast infrastructure dramatically decreased the ability of individuals and companies to do the work that keeps them afloat.

Pomp is nice and might make people feel ‘included’ in the process, but the hundreds of millions this Inauguration cost to mount and the sheer volume of manpower and technology wasted could have gone a long way towards improving people’s lives or physically (and not just verbally) improving US foreign policy.

Obama may be a great orator and have some well-intended views on how to improve the lives of his (and the world’s) citizenry, but the sheer waste of resources in these trying times suggest that Obama’s America may not be all that different from Bush’s. Bush 2.0, if you like.


I tried to watch from Air America Radio and from Current.com, but the video was choppy. So I ended up listening to the coverage of the event from my KPCC iPhone application that streams the KPCC broadcast to my iPhone.


I watched from Vietnam with:

1/ video from MSNBC website on Firefox
2/ audio from KQED on iTunes. Strangely, the audio feed lagged behind video by about 5-10 sec.

I found the Facebook stream on CNN website to be a total and useless distraction. Besides, the CNN video never started, after installing a couple of Adobe plugins.

The CNN feed was available on Ustream.tv. But overall, Ustream.tv was overhyped.


I was starting to think I might be the only person that didn’t bother watching it. I’m glad to see that a few others did as well.

I never knew that seeing a president being sworn in was such a big deal.


Didn’t but had I the toilet would have been an appropriate vantage point.


I was lucky that I was able to watch it from home. it was so amazing to watch. this is the 4th president that has been sworn in while i have been alive (i was born half way through Reagan’s 2nd term), but it is the only one that i can actually remember all of the things that have happened surrounding the Inauguration. It is a piece of history to be cherished for the rest of time.

Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

I didn’t. I’ll have plenty of time to watch this failure trash the economy and ruin our standing in the world. Maybe I’ll watch Bobby Jindal or Sarah Palin’s inauguration in 2013.

Jeannine Hunter

I watched the swearing-in ceremony and inaugural speech at the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel where the Rev. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. It was surreal and very overwhelming to be in such as edifice while surrounded by people also anxious, excited and hopeful about the campaign and subsequent election


I watched in my 3rd period Art Class at my High School. It was really a captivating moment watching Obama being sworn in. The hope is there, the chance is there, and I can only hope the man himself will be there to lead our country back to prosperity.

We need someone with great polices more than ever, and I’m hopeful Barack Obama will be that guy for us.


I didn’t had time to watch it. My chemistry professor didn’t care at all about the inauguration and kept us in the class while the rest of the university saw it at the auditorium.


i watched from my office in new jersey. it was the first day i’ve come out of my bomb shelter in years.

read more at kpsilverman.wordpress.com


I watched it on TV in my hotel room in Manila, Philippines. Everyone, male or female, young or old, black or white, rich or poor, is able to identify with Mr Obama, the underdog who achieved such astounding success without a priviledged upbringing, unlike most politicians we know. I believe Mr Obama will inspire many young people to care more about their own country and believe that they can replace the old establishment with a better one.


I’m an eighth grader, and our grade and the whole high school watched it in the auditorium at our school. They had the projector hooked up to the internet.


I watched it from home. I took the day off because my baby sitter decided to go to DC for the Inauguration. I will hear all about her experience tomorrow morning.


I was stuck in English class so we all watched it on an ordinary Television. Pretty amazing to watch though, several people were crying they were so happy.


I didnt vote for President Obama, But He is my elected leader and I will Pray and back Him up as long as He is in office


Actually – this was a fun little moment in our office – we broke out the extra office projector, hooked up the travel laptop (macbook, of course) and, when CNN.com was spotty – jumped to Hulu.

It was a fun bonding moment – there was cheering and everything.


I worked today to help keep the all consuming tax revenue running.

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