Skydeck Turns Your PC into a Cell-Phone… and More


The most amazing cell-phone feature of 2009 might not be found on a cell-phone at all. 2009 just started, so maybe I’m premature in that statement, but after you look at Skydeck, I think you’ll be as impressed as the ReadWriteWeb folks. The service itself isn’t new, but it has recently added features that make it shine.

For starters, you can use it to make phone calls through the web on your computer. Now I do that all the time with Skype, so that by itself isn’t impressive. However, Skydeck leverages your existing cellular phone account for the calls. That means recipients will see your cell phone number on their caller ID when you use Skydeck. Even better: your voicemails are transcribed and searchable on the web. That puts new meaning to the term “visual voicemail”.

There are plenty of additional features like consolidated call and contact management, texting from a PC and a smart address book that provides a communication history with your contacts. Check the video demo above for a preview of how Skydeck adds to your productivity.

Bear in mind that the service isn’t free. $9.95 a month gets you started and you’ll pay $0.03 a minute for phone calls through a PC, plus $0.20 for each transcribed voicemail. $29.95 a month nets you unlimited PC phone calls and transcriptions. For casual cell-phone users, this might be a bit costly and not a great value. For heavy-duty users constantly on the go, the price might be worth it.



@Dave Zatz

I was going to say the exact same thing!

This seems like another wrapper on the existing stuff available today and made it more expensive.


Dave Zatz

How exactly does the cell phone number integration work? Are they just spoofing the callerID and making you forward your calls, or something more sophisticated? Hm.

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