Mobipocket Beta Supports BlackBerry Bold, Storm


thumb_storm_9530_ota_storeI think the folks at Mobipocket secretly know that I’ve recently been considering a BlackBerry purchase. They’re pushing me closer to making that a reality with the news that they now support the Bold and Storm with their eBook software. Actually, it’s just the beta of Mobipocket Reader v6.0, but regular readers know I’m a sucker for any beta product. Maybe we should start a spinoff site called jkOnTheBeta?

Like any software not ready for prime-time, the Reader client has a bugaboo or two. Namely an issue that loses annotations between the desktop and a BlackBerry, plus no highlights in search results. Seems like those might be tolerable short-term issues for Bold and Storm owners, no? Whatever BlackBerry you like to read Mobipocket eBooks on, you’ll need OS 4.2.0 or better for this client.

(via MobileRead)

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