HP Mini 2140 netbook video review


I have been using the HP Mini 2140 netbook for a few days now and I am more impressed with it the longer I use it.  It is the smallest 10-inch netbook around and yet has all the features you’d expect including an ExpressCard slot.  This 10 minute video shows the Mini 2140 in action, surfing the web, playing video etc., and gives a tour around the device.  I show off both the 6-cell and 3-cell batteries and also show how big (or little) the power brick is.  Enjoy the show!

The HD version of the video is now available.  Click “Watch in high quality” on the YouTube link above.



I bought this nice looking HP MINI 2140 notebook but whenever I try to install some drivers especially printers and GSM modems, it asks for a higher screen resolution. Unfortunately, the screen resolution of this notebook cannot be adjusted. How can I adjust this resolution??? Please HEEEEEEELP……


I 2nd the hackint0sh upgrade request – with the same Intel N270 CPU, 945GSE chipset and 950 graphics it seems like this hardware should have base-level compatibility with MSIWindosx86, though getting networking operational with Broadcom Wifi, Marvell ethernet might be tricky.

Alex Whiteside

I’m afraid HP is doing everything it can to doom the machine outside of its native turf. In the US, a fairly high-end spec of Mini 1000 and a fairly low-end Mini 2140 cost almost exactly the same amount of money, right about the usual Netbook $400-500. In fact, HP have brought down the price of the Mini 2140 Smarbuy units by $50, making it cheaper than the Mini 1000. That’s pretty savvy.

However in the UK, the Mini 2140 actually costs about 50% more than the equivalent Mini 700. Given that the Mini 700 was already at the high end of the Netbook price spectrum here, that’s pretty disasterous. The only thing which costs anywhere near as much is the Samsung NC20 which is a while different class.


Great review. I have been watching HP’s lineup and will probably wait for the higher res screen. I have been using a Q1-ultra for the last year and like the small foot print. I want to replace it with one of this mini’s.

Here is my question. I do a lot of my work in the halls of the court houses. Chairs are plentiful, but few tables. I switched to a tablet to adjust to this work pattern, because it was too hard to balance a 15″ laptop on the lap (and too hot!). How would one of these units handle without a desk to operate on? I would be banging out emails and brief notes, working in word or excel. No novels, just productive work flow.

Thank you.


Are you going to give MacOS X a try on the 2140? I know a lot of people would be thrilled :)

Charlie Stross

Question: what INPUT voltage range does the power brick handle?

I’m visiting the US next month and considering picking one up — if it will handle 230 volts, which is the standard mains current where I live. Most laptops these days suck 100-250v, but I’d like to avoid nasty surprises.

(I had a 2133 last year, but found the screen was too small and dim for middle-aged eyes, never mind the poor battery life and sluggish CPU — so I sold it for an Eee 1000. The Eee keyboard just isn’t the same, though. And while I’d like the high-res screen, I can live with 1024×576.)


I think of the Samsung NC-10 as being the most obvious competitor to this. Anyone care to compare them?

Pam T.

@mtoc – I don’t agree with you. I have the 2133 with the same extended battery design and find it very usable. It actually makes a nicely tilted typing angle (for a touch typist) and doesn’t take up significant room in my bags. I don’t think I would like an extended battery increasing the length of my machine and putting more bulk on all of the bottom (such as with a slice battery) doesn’t make it look any better either.

Not that I would say no to a 6 hour battery, but I can’t say for sure if that’s the battery design or the computer’s innards that are at fault.

Nice review, James. As usual.


James you are bling bling’n with the watch and the bracelet lol.


HP needs to stop being cheap & put some funds into R&D to design a better extended battery. i would gladly pay extra for 1. either make it protrude from the back or design it with flat cells & lay it across the bottom.

as of right now it looks like they are just using rechargeable AA’s in the battery casing.


Nice review James. No Zune theme this time???

$499 is a good starting price given the great features and offers decent specs. I also think the $629 model is definitely better than $819 for the comparable 2133 model I looked at last year.

Would I buy or upgrade? No. I’m holding out for a Pineview refresh coming in June, look forward to the higher res 10″ screen and would prefer the newer Win7 OS instead of the old XP. Even with these improvements, a 32nm Medfield upgrade released sometime next year may still be worth the wait and offer a true boost in performance and battery time.

I’m really glad to see HP have committed to the business netbook segment, as the mini note is, in my opinion, the best netbook of 2008 and 2009. Great job HP!


I hope the high-resolution of the 2140 version sports a normal N270 atom and not some underpowered Z series.


James but did you manage to fit it into your jeans back pocket? :-)

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