Find Obama’s Inauguration On-Demand

Whether you enjoyed President Barack Obama’s inauguration on newteevee or oldteevee, it was an historic moment for our country. But just because the moment has passed doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Here’s a breakdown of where you can watch the inauguration online and on-demand. (These could change throughout the day.)

MSNBC’s online coverage has it all (including Aretha Franklin’s hat!), and was the easiest to navigate through (though I was having some speed issues when I tried to to watch the speech on it).

CNN, who won points with Liz for integrating Facebook, has everything in chunks, and gives you the option of watching Obama’s speech in one sitting or in sound bites.

ABC News, which had a hard time with its live coverage of the event due to technical issues, has its video of the swearing in and speech up and working now.

CBS News said it too was “bogged down” during the live-streaming of the event, but now has the clips of both Obama and Biden being sworn in as well as Obama’s speech. (On its homepage, Move Networks is also replaying CBS’s coverage.)

C-Span, which also fumbled during the live address, has the video of the swearing in and speech up and working now.

The Presidential Inauguration Committee’s live video has been shut down and there aren’t any on-demand videos, at least not that I can find.

Hulu has removed its home page promotion of the inauguration video (which had a tacky “sponsored by Paul Blart: Mall Cop” ad fastened to it). I searched around for a copy of anything, but the original live feed was pulled, and there are just clips of past inaugural speeches and a few clips from NBC’s news coverage. Though I assume Hulu will get on the ball and get the event up on its site in short order.