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Planet-Cooling Plants: New research suggests planting crops that reflect more sunlight could deliver summertime cooling of about 2 degrees Fahrenheit across central North America and a wide band of Europe and Asia. — New York Times

Tesla Jacks Up Roadster Price: Tesla Motors has informed customers who pre-ordered Roadsters that they must pay for previously standard features and re-select options or else lose their slot in the much-delayed production line. — Autoblog

Financial Crisis Slows Energy Investment: From Bahrain to Ontario, companies are scaling back spending and delaying projects, with expensive ventures in the Canadian oil sands hardest hit. — Reuters

“Drill, Baby, Drill” No More: Governor Sarah Palin has unveiled a plan for Alaska to get half its electricity from renewables by 2025. — NYT’s Green Inc.

No PHEV Love from the Taxman: Although the government gives tax breaks for hybrids and alternative-fuel vehicles produced by major automakers, it doesn’t provide any relief to those who convert their existing cars to plug-ins. — Wired’s Autopia

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