Daily Apple: Something for Snipers, Seagate, and Selling Second-hand


Because Sometimes You Have to Wait A Long Time for Your Mark – No more long, boring stakeouts for you would-be assassins. This handy iPod mount for your sniper rifle will let you watch some YouTube, play a game, or check out the scores at the game you’re missing because you have to kill this guy.

Mac Menus For Multiple Monitors – I use my TV as a second display for watching movies, playing games, etc. Which means that not having menus on either one or the other display really cramps my style. Thanks to jkOnTheRun, I now have at least one option, even if it’s not ideal (that would be a top menu on each screen).

Microsoft to Tango With MobileMe – If you want to cut in on a competitor’s territory, the best place to strike is where they’re weakest. Apple knew Vista was disappointing, so they targeted the OS in their ad campaign. Microsoft may have learned that lesson, since they’re set to release a MobileMe competitor.

Seagate Drives Prone to a Slight Case of Not Working – Barracuda series drives that are used in some Apple computers are developing a nasty case of the fails. The good news is that the data can be saved on failed drives. The bad news is that an application which could warn you of imminent failure doesn’t run on Macs.

Apple Now Selling Used Products in China – Apple computers aren’t selling like hotcakes in China, which now represents a major market, even with the global economic turmoil going on right now. They’re probably hoping that offering used/refurb deals will net some more customers.


Howard Weaver

Running this on an inauguration day where we witnessed countless security forces (including snipers) deployed to protect our president from assassins seems like a stupid and juvenile move to me.

“Because you have to kill this guy…” Violent death isn’t a joke. SHame on you.

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