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A Quick Review of Obama’s Inauguration Streams

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You may have heard, but Barack Obama gets to ditch the “-elect” part of his title today as he will be sworn in (shortly) as our new President. We’ve already provided an comprehensive list of where to watch the inauguration online, but here’s a quick review of what to expect from some of them, so far.

C-Span‘s coverage is not very impressive. The video window was small, and choppy. Avoid.

CBS is offering 7 HD streams of the event, and they look awesome. Definitely the best of the lot — worth watching.

MSNBC, FOX (which is providing Hulu‘s feed) and ABC News‘s video is solid, nothing too flashy. They all work just fine (and I love that MSNBC allows embeds).

I had problems with CNN. It was the only network that asked me to install an update to Flash as well as another plug-in. I skipped the second plug-in and it worked fine. The video’s in widescreen, which is nice, and the Facebook integration gives you a running commentary.

The Presidential Inauguration Committee‘s stream is pretty dull, offering just imagery and no commentary.

If our internal stats are any indication, this is going to be a huge day for live-streaming, and it looks like for the most part, every network involved is holding up and the Internet won’t crash (of course, we still have an hour to go).

21 Responses to “A Quick Review of Obama’s Inauguration Streams”

  1. I really hope that President Obama does not forget about the troops in Afghanistan. I recently saw a CNN special that showed the living conditions for those troops. Unbelivable what they have to go through. Hopefully more funding will be diverted soon to provide better food, supplies, and protection.

  2. Pez Dispensor

    “Obviously someone at On2 was trying to move their stock today”

    HA HA! Believe me, On2 never does anything to try and move their stock. On a side not the Move Network streams worked really good for me.

  3. Obviously someone at On2 was trying to move their stock today.

    As a repeat, nothing CBS did used Silverlight. Every stream they have out there is in Flash.

    The Move stream for BSkyB doesn’t use Silverlight either.

    Come on guys get it right.

  4. I also tried them all, and they were all choppy (the ones that loaded at all). I ended up hearing part of the speech on (audio was perfect). Luckily, I recorded it at home on my Tivo to watch later.

  5. most internet video streams went down during the main inaugural speech by Obama like abc, cbsnews, cnn :( hulu is like so choppy here like 3 frames a second shux.

    it’s also surprising that MSNBC would use flash instead of Microsoft’s Silverlight in the streaming.

    windows media servers and apple quicktime streaming not relevant in the delivery of live web broadcasts anymore? :)

    • I am loving the Facebook/CNN stream. It took a while to get all the plug-ins in order, but it’s much more relevant to me than Twitter chatter on Current or Meebo chatter on Joost. It’s like I’m watching the live stream w/ my friends.