One Response to “Virgin Media Could Re-Home Shares In London”

  1. Every interview I have seen from someone from Virgin they have to have a dig at Sky, why would you do that? It’s just plain childish! And the loss Sky has taken from ITV is a pebble in the ocean. While Sky are developing new technologies like 3D TV, Virgin are relying on old tech like bringing out they're 50mb broadband and even Sir Richard said they could go to 100 as there is nothing that would stop the technology going that far but if they can why aren’t they? BskyB completely dwarf Virgin Media with over 9Million customers against Virgins 3.4 million so instead of going up to useless speeds on broadband cos who can actually get that speed and even if you can the websites you are surfing or downloading from cant send you the information that fast. why aren’t they increasing there network area cos there are still plenty of area that cant get Virgin and even some Virgin area that cant get there super fast broadband….