Elevation Partners On Reason For Palm Investment


Elevation Partners received a bit of flak for investing in Palm (NSDQ: PALM) — to the tune of 20 percent of its fund, $425 million) — although that’s largely died down since the launch of the Pre. Roger McNamee has given an interview with *Yahoo* Tech Ticker about the investment and how it came about, saying that at the time Elevation Partners thought that “the biggest barrier to mobile content was the lousy platforms”. The way he tells it, Elevation Partners were looking at operating systems at about the same time Palm looked at the BlackBerry Pearl and realized it didn’t have the right team and the right focus on consumer electronics to compete…

At the end of the video he also touted a few things Pre will do, such as look at your calendar for your plans for the day, then download maps to where you’re going and Wikipedia pages about the people and companies you’re going to visit. It will also check the GPS coordinates of where you are and compare them to where you’re meant to be and let you know if you’re going to be late — then offer to send an e-mail to your assistant or the people you’re meeting. It’s a good idea, although the proof will be in the execution rather than the promotion. (Via Engadget)


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Someone should have asked condign how the Pre =currently= does all that facebook, GPS, MSN maps, calendar, automated subscription, etc scanning and figures manipulation.

Yeahiknow Howtoprogram

I can only imagine the stupendous number of error conditions that will have to correctly be handled by any piece of software that wants to aggregate data from around the internet (er…excuse me…cloud). Just think about it – data errors, accessing errors, formatting errors, changes-to-web-site-so-data-doesn't-match-what's-expected errors, not to mention run-of-the-mill errors such as unexpected in-use loss of connection, etc.

Just a small matter of programming, right?

This is going to be fun to watch.

Joe Shade

One thing I find interesting about the Pre platform is that it's a device that is in effect aggregating a ton of network data: GPS, PIM, event, messaging, etc. I mean it's definitely filling a void there because there's no infrastructure from the carriers that address that type of orchestration. Battery life on the other hand will be challenged, since that little sucker is going to be busy!

Everything Includingkitchensin

Someone should have asked just how the Pre =currently= does all that facebook, GPS, google maps, calendar, automated email, etc scanning and data manipulation.

Wait – did he say it DOES do this or COULD do this?


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