HP Mini 2140 netbook size comparison vs. Lenovo S10


One thing that has totally impressed me about the HP Mini 2140 netbook I am evaluating is how small it is.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the smallest netbook with a 10.1-inch display and I’m certain it’s the smallest to have such a big keyboard.  I decided to compare it to the Lenovo S10 netbook which is also very small and light and have some pics of the two together.  As you can see the HP Mini 2140 is easily the smaller of the two.  I was surprised to find the 2140 is as thin as the S10 too, something I didn’t realize until I put them together.  Note that these pics show the 2140 with the standard 3-cell battery installed, not the 6-cell.



I already found 2 options for buying Mini Netbook, The first on was Hp 2140, Second One Lenovo S10, in the same Spec for both of them , I found Lenovo S10 in 429 CAD and Hp2140 579 CAD, pleas let me know as your suggestion which one is better regard to prices.




So between HP 2140 (6 cell bat) and Lenovo S10, what would you buy?



how bout hackintoshing it and seeing how that plays out??? dying to know.

James Kendrick

Suf, I don’t have a Mini 1000 so I can’t do it. I can tell you that other than the plastic case on the Mini 1000 the two are very similar and have the same size and form.


was thinking about ordering this new one. But can the 2140 run windows?


Hey, can you guys please put up shots of the HP 2140 up against the HP Mini 1000? Please?

Karl C

The hi-res screen won’t be available until April. Probably due to Microsoft’s restrictions on netbooks running XP. If HP ran Vista on this thing, everyone would be complaining again about performance. If the hi-res screen is available in April, it will probably be due to OEMs receiving Windows7 licenses.

William C Bonner

A friend just got the Lenovo and was showing me an HD tv stream playing in VLC full screen that looked pretty good.

Do you have a comparison of video output between the Lenovo and HP?


Do you know when the higher res model will be available?

I thought they where available at the same time.

Hopefully it wont be too long after



the funny thing is, the Lenovo was 1 of if not the smallest 10″ netbook around before the 2140.

thats the advantage of sticking a 10″ screen in the old 2133 8.9″ screen chassis. in an effort to try & save money on R&D/manufacturing costs they also manage to push the envelope on innovation/efficiency. nice job HP!

James Kendrick

I had forgotten that the 2133 speakers were to the sides of the screen which is not possible on this 2140 given the larger screen (and smaller bezel). The speakers are below the screen, out of sight when the lid is opened as they sit behind the main PC. They are in the black bezel below the screen.


Don’t you think they could improve the 6-cell battery by letting it fold with the LCD, so it lays flat when it’s closed?


Thanks for the comparisons. I wouldn’t dream of considering the HP until the higher reolution display is available. As it is now, I won’t consider any netbook since I consider any screen resolution that begins with 1024 as unusable. I think 1280 as only barely tolerable.


Interested by the 2140.
Could you post a photo with the 6-cell battery?

Thank you.


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