CaseLogic Offers a Sweet Netbook Sleeve


CaseLogic Sleeve

CaseLogic Sleeve

I mentioned during our CES 2009 coverage that the ThinkFree folks loaned me an Asus Eee PC 1000H. They wanted me to take a closer look at their ThinkFree Office productivity suite, which I’m doing over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, I have to mention the case that holds the loaner Eee PC. It’s from CaseLogic and it’s well worth a look if you’re seeking a simple and inexpensive way to carry or protect a netbook.

There’s not much to the case, which is actually called a 7- to 10-inch laptop sleeve by CaseLogic. It’s a made of protective neoprene and has handles if you want to carry it around like a mini-briefcase. Actually, it’s a more like a “man-purse”… not that there’s anything wrong with that. There’s one main compartment that zips open to hold your device and there’s one storage area on the side. The side section also has a zipper and can easily fit an AC adapter, flash drives, a mouse, or anything else you might want to tote. You could easily put an optical drive in there if you wanted to.

Since the case is neoprene, it’s lightweight at only eight ounces. The internal dimensions for the main section are 11″ x 9.1″ x 2.4” so any standard netbook I can think of ought to fit. My MSI Wind has a 6-cell, extended battery and that’s no problem for this case. CaseLogic offers a 25-year warranty on this, so even if you swap out netbooks faster than I do, you’ll have an easy way to carry and protect them.

The best part? The case lists for $22.99, although there’s a winter special going on right now, bringing the price down to $18.39. These must be hot items because CaseLogic doesn’t have any to ship for around four weeks at the moment. After taking a closer look at one, I can see why.


Rob M

I have this bag for my Asus 1000h, and it is a great fit. Another good one for travelling is the Everest medium size messenger bag. It’s $13.75 @ It’s a bit snug to get the netbook in and out, but it has a great form factor, almost like a shoulder holster. Much more convenient in airports than a backpack or case style bag.

Gordon Cahill

I have one of these as well (actually two). It’s great. Seems that James is the last one to get one. :-)


Cody B

I picked one up for $12.99 at Microcenter. I do have on complaint. The standard MSI Wind AC adapter is a very tight fit unless you unplug the adapter from the power cord. I wish it was just a little wider. Otherwise its perfect.

Kevin Doyle

I picked up one of these from Amazon for <$18.00 including shipping.

Its great for a netbook as it’s just big enough to include the charger as well.


I also got this for my Fujitsu P1620 and found it too roomy for an 8 inch netbook formfactor. However, Caselogic’s portable DVD player sleeve is perfect, even with the extended battery installed.

Larry B

actually prefer my slappa sleeve. I can also add a shoulder strap to it if desired. I also found the build quality of slappa to be far superior to case logic


I got the same one with my Fujitsu P1610 and it’s freakin awesome. It’s small, slim, and that outer pocket is perfect for the power cord. No need for a big bag on a small netbook.

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