BurnAgain FS Updated: Improved Interface and Stability


If you’re in the market for a DVD/CD burning solution for your Mac, you may be interested to hear that Freeridecoding has released an update to BurnAgain FS.

The app is a CD/DVD multisession burning utility for Mac OS X, making it possible to repeatedly change the content of a data CD or DVD directly in the Finder. You can re-mount a CD or DVD as you would a USB drive to add, change or remove files. Disks burned with BurnAgain FS are readable without additional software on all platforms. As BurnAgain FS doesn’t erase the disk each time, changing the content of the media is much faster than burning a new disk.

It provides a great way to make CD burning a whole lot more useful, rather than treating disks as a use-once throwaway commodity.


The update to 1.2 brings several important improvements to the application including interface enhancements that make BurnAgain FS even easier to use, improved handling of file permissions, improved reliability when renaming or moving large number of files, overall improved performance and the option to disable the creation of AppleDouble files.

A few of the highlights cited by the developer include:

  • Burn multiple sessions without creating multiple volumes
  • Change the content of a CD/DVD like on a hardisk
  • Change disk title at each burn
  • Preserve Mac file attributes
  • Platform independent format

The software doesn’t erase the disk during the burn, it just adds new or changed content and overwrites the removed items to make them inaccessible. While using a little more space, it makes the process of editing and updating files much more efficient. This explains why the app is also able to support CD-R disks as well as CD-RW.

Requirements and Pricing

BurnAgain FS requires OS X Tiger or later, and an Apple supported CD/DVD Writer (it doesn’t necessarily need to be a SuperDrive). It comes in both English and German, priced at $22 for a home license and $48 for a family license (up to 5 installations). Business and educational discounts are also available.

To make sure you find the software useful, the trial download will allow you to test it out with 20 trial burns before requiring you make a purchase. Full details and the download can be found at the app’s website.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on how useful software such as this is. Does a demand exist for using CD/DVD’s in such a way with inexpensive USB keys now on the market? I wish I’d come across BurnAgain a few years ago before removable storage was so widely available!