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Blackberry Storefront Accepting App Applications

Following in the footsteps of Apple (s AAPL) and its iTunes App store, several mobile companies have announced plans to launch their own storefronts. Research In Motion (s RIMM) is looking to launch its store relatively soon, and it took a major step forward when it started accepting applications from app writers to have their apps included in the new Blackberry Storefront.

While RIM already has a wide variety of applications available for its platform, it doesn’t have the momentum of Apple, which recently noted that more than 500 million apps were downloaded to its iPhones and iTouch devices. RIM has its work cut out for it; the company is fighting with the likes of Apple, Google (s goog), Palm (s palm) and Symbian to get a toehold with developers. The company had launched a special VC fund to help find and grow apps for its platform. (Related posts: Watch the Future of mobile apps and economics of the platforms video at Mobilize 08 conference.)

8 Responses to “Blackberry Storefront Accepting App Applications”

  1. As a developer IMO a reasonably good commercial application requires native application development enviornment (C/C++). AFAIK BlackBerry only supports JAVa for application developers and option to play with platform is very restricted.

    Infect I would say RIM having stronghold of enterprise customer is in a very good position where developer can build commercial application for enterpise users but it needs very strong support from platform. Otherwise application that will come will be a childish application.