RIM And Microsoft Closer To Apple-Like Application Stores


Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) said last week that the iPhone App store has now hit 15,000 applications and half a billion downloads, so it’s no wonder that other device manufactures are ramping up their competitive services. Blackberry-maker Research In Motion has already announced their intentions, and is looking to launch its storefront soon. GigaOm reported today that the company took a major step forward when it started accepting applications from developers that would allow their applications to be included in the new Blackberry Storefront.

Separately, it looks like rumors are heating up about what Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has coming at Mobile World Congress in February, and it appears the giant is getting ready to roll out a number of



the thing that continues to amaze me about microsoft is how shallow they view the computer and mobile devices. it's not all about email, photo sharing and music. microsoft has an oppurtunity to make office for the mobile device but they decide to create a store that will let you sync your calendar?


Has anyone noticed very few ATT / IPHONE TV ads running recently. Here in the Houston, Tx market IPODS ads still running…. but those are lite too. RIMM ads still strong as ever…. but very strange that IPHONE ads have dried up? STRANGE????


Omar, not sure if you realize this, but Apple's cash on hand is greater as Microsoft's at this time. I am not saying Microsoft is poor, far from that. But Apple is even richer at this time. And if Microsoft is still buying Yahoo, they will have a serious debt after the purchase. Just some perspective around some numbers.


Guys microsoft earning is coming and they have a great power is cash so they can build whatever and they will kick ass just trust me bid on there call option tomorrow and Friday you will make more than double your money……. Life is good enjoy it


Wow Dragan, I agree with you that Apple is ahead of their time. But hey, you're practically illiterate. 1997? really. Iphone, you mean iPhone, or maybe "at least" or how about "ahead"


well, BEFORE there was an iPhone App store. In fact BEFORE there was an iPhone even announced, Apple had tens of millions of people with accounts to iTMS and had downloaded billions of songs, to 100 million users who had iTunes loaded on their macs and PCs.
To add an iPhone, it syncs and works and upgrades JUST like an iPod
To buy an App, it's JUST LIKE buying a song.
That took years to do.
Remember? "no one will BUY music when they can download it FREE from Napster!"
The critics were wrong time after time!
remember these? :
"Apple won't let people load their own apps on the iPhone!"
"Zen, Sony, Dell will KILL the iPod"
"Apple will never let the iPod work with Windows or use USB!"

So, I wonder HOW close RIMM and MSFT are to having ANYTHING like the iTunes App store?????
Plus… HOW MANY YEARS were RIMM and MSFT in the mobile phone market BEFORE Apple?
They should be ashamed!
No one who thinks about this would buy MSFT and RIMM and think they are getting products AHEAD of the pack! hahahaa!


So Steve Jobs was right in 1997 keynote that Iphone is 5 years ahed at list. and they still can`t make hardware-software solution that at list emulate apple first attempt in whole new field for them.

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